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For Girls Living in and Around Teshie who want

to be a part of our community

We believe that the greatest hope of transforming our communities and the world lies in the dreams of girls; our mission to give them the space to do just that.

Learn more about our vision.


It’s Pretty Much a Scrapbook, but we’re Calling it our First Year Report!

We’ve been reflecting on the past 18 months of existence, and decided to put together a cute lil’ scrapbook so you can also reminisce with us. Attached is a digital version detailing all that we’ve been up to since this idea of creating a safe space for girls was born. We would appreciate it if you can share screenshots from our scrapbook with your personal or organizational network on social media and offline.


About Us

The Good Tree aims to build community and promote self-development among girls in underserved neighbourhoods like Teshie, across Ghana. It is to serve as an avenue for girls to commune, care and support one another while obtaining crucial life skills to complement their academic pursuits. It is legally registered as a non-profit organization by the laws of Ghana.


The Good Tree aims to offer:

  • Drama, writing and visual art workshops for girls to explore their creativity 

  • Digital programs designed to build valuable technological skills 

  • Help with homework and other academic projects

  • A quiet, comfortable library to strengthen literary skills and expand the world-view of girls 

  • Informative conversations about their communities and how to be agents for good within them

  • Wellness activities to promote rest and rejuvenation


The potential benefits to girls include increased confidence in themselves, better friendships with their peers, greater knowledge of career opportunities, more developed technological, and creative skills and more ambitious dreams.


Pictures from our

Community Center Construction in Teshie

Help Us Resource our

New Community Centre!

We have successfully completed the first major step in building a safe and empowering space for girls in Teshie. It is now time to furnish it and equip it as well as begin providing a place of rest and learning.


It takes a village to nurture and support the dreams of girls in underserved communities. The moment is here to add your efforts towards making an impact in their lives. support our efforts through the following ways: 

Understanding the needs of girls in Teshie.

A year ago, when we set out to create a space where girls living in Teshie could have the privacy to have sensitive conversations, develop interests and bond, we understood that it was pertinent to ensure that our actions were informed by the realities of our target group. Luckily, we found support from Selina Wiredu (MSc Social Psychology) and Selasi Quarshie (MA Development Studies) - two brilliant minds who joined us in designing a study to gain some insights as to the best ways to meaningfully empower girls and young women at The Good Tree. In a 3-page report, we've shared our process, our findings and some recommendations to guide us in crafting programs at our new community centre. 

About Us

Why we do this.

For us, feminism is the political commitment to dismantling patriarchy and gender-based discrimination, by promoting the rights, wellbeing, political, social and economic position of women, gender non-conforming adults and girls, as well as all children. We understand love (as in commitment, care, honesty, and trust) is necessary to work to bring about positive change.

Working Group 

Suhaidatu Dramani: Director

Benedicta Yayra Azagloh: Finance and Accounting

Nana Yaa Agyeman: Programs Coordinator

Axelle Halluaya: Public Relations Office

Akua Dodou: Dedicated Caretaker at the Community Centre

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